Christmas Tree Collection 2019 - Saturday 5th January 2019

Real tree - Fuss free

We can collect trees from the Darlington and Newton Aycliffe area. If you are not sure whether your area is within our remit, then please call us on 01325 254321 before submitting this form.

To book your tree for collection, please enter your details below and then press "Add to Shopping Cart" at the bottom of the page. When you have submitted the form and checked out from the Shopping Cart screen, you will see a confirmation screen with details of how to leave your tree and you will receive a confirmation email. Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific time of day for collections.

We are accepting bookings up to 12 noon on Wednesday 2nd January; we are unable to accept bookings submitted after this time.

Thank you for supporting St Teresa’s Hospice!

Supported by the Rotary Club of Darlington
Rotary Club
Book your Christmas Tree Collection for 6th January 2018
Click Add to Shopping Cart at the end of the form to add this booking to your Shopping Cart and review your order. If you would like to book tree collections from more than one address, you can return to this page from the Shopping Cart. Once you have completed the form for all addresses you wish to book collections from, you can review your booking(s) and check out from the Shopping Cart screen.
£ 5.00
£ 10.00
Collection details
Please tell us the address from which we can collect your tree(s), as well as the number of trees, height of the tallest tree, and any additional information we may need to find your property or tree - we especially need this if you only have a house name, and not a number, to give us an idea of your property's position on the road.

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